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Boarding (Offered at Pine Ridge Only)

*Boarding Service Available at Our Pine Ridge Location*

Cat and Dog Boarding in Naples

Finding the best boarding accommodations for your pet is certainly important, and we intend to make your decision an easy one. The Animalife Veterinary Center at Pine Ridge offers a large clean space staffed with friendly professionals who will work hard to make your pet's visit as pleasant as possible.

Call our Pine Ridge location at (239) 594-7719 to schedule your next cat and dog boarding stay with us.

Giving Pets a Cozy Place to Stay in Naples

With boarding, providing pets with a comfortable, low-stress environment is our priority. Additionally, we do our best to follow every guest's normal daily routine to help them feel at ease. Your pet can also expect plenty of attention and cuddles (if they prefer) from our attending staff members.

We offer the following pet boarding amenities at our hospital:

  • Clean, soft blankets and bedding

  • A climate-controlled space with fresh air circulating at all times

  • Fresh water in constant supply

  • Daily cleanings of kennels, runs, and enclosures

  • Stainless steel food and water bowls for easy cleaning

  • Extra services by request (at cost) such as nail trims, grooming, baths, exams, and more

  • Veterinary supervision if your pet has any chronic health issues

If your pet needs medical care while they're with us, we'll be sure to provide it and keep in contact with you.

Items You Should Bring When Boarding Your Pet

There are several things you can and should bring with you when you drop off your pet:

  • Food: 

    This is especially important if your pet is on a prescription diet for medical reasons. Abruptly changing your pet's diet may also cause GI issues. Make sure food is stored in a sealed, waterproof container with their name and feeding instructions included.

  • Treats:

     While not mandatory, if your pet has favorite treats or chews, we encourage you to bring them--especially if they'll make your pet feel more at home!

  • Bedding and a favorite toy: 

    If your pet is devoted to a certain blanket, bed, and/or toy, you're welcome to bring it along. These items also smell like home and can be a source of comfort for your pet.

  • Medication: 

    Bring all your pet's medications in their original containers and make sure they come with clear instructions for our staff to follow.

Ensuring Our Guests' Safety

To help us keep our boarding facility sanitary and healthy, we ask that you be up-to-date with your pet's vaccinations, fecal testing, and parasite prevention.

Dogs Needs

  • Their rabies, distemper, and Bordetella vaccines

  • A negative fecal test within the last year

Cats Needs

  • Their rabies and feline distemper (FVRCP) vaccines

  • A negative fecal test within the last year

To schedule your pet's boarding stay at our Pine Ridge facility, please call (239) 513-1777.