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The Animalife Veterinary Center at Eagle Creek

News & Partnerships

Below you can find us in the news as well as find out more about our Professional and Non-Profit partnerships!

Veterinary staff holding a hamster

Our Professional Partners

In addition to working with a large variety of non-profit organizations, we also partner with professional businesses. These businesses provide quality pet-related services and products that we are happy to recommend to our clients.

Invisible Fence of Southwest Florida

For over 40 years, Invisible Fence has served families throughout the country helping to keep pets safe, secure, and out of trouble.

Bark Busters of Southwest Florida

Operating out of Fort Myers, Patrick Logue provides easy-to-learn, animal-friendly training techniques to help dogs know their place in their "pack" and enjoy a happier, more peaceful life with their families.

Brothers Unleashed 

Brothers Unleashed is three young entrepreneur brothers who love their dog, and want to help many more! Their leashes are hand-made, and support pets needing love and a family!

People petting dog

Meet Our Outstanding Non-Profit Partners

Led by Dr. Eisel, the Animalife team uses its place in the community as a means to provide aid and support to various rescue groups and charities throughout southwest Florida. In the years following the establishment of the first Animalife hospital, our team has had the opportunity to donate over $1 million in cash, discounted services, and free services to many different organizations. We are extremely proud of the efforts these groups have made to improve animal welfare and strengthen the bonds between people and their pets. Their work, in turn, inspires us to reach out and do more to help those around us.

Through the Sherwood Forest Foundation, Animalife's charitable trust, we have also been able to make generous donations towards children's cancer research and groups that gift toys, school supplies, and more to disadvantaged children in the community.